Are Pet Insurance Policies Worth the Cost?
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Insurance policies can be confusing, even those designed for your four-legged friend. After all, not all pet policies are created equal, and with various caveats to each, it’s easy to sign up for a plan that doesn’t meet your expectations.

But despite the complexity of pet insurance, it may be vital to your budget. In 2013, pet owners spent approximately $ 14.3 billion in veterinary care for their furry friends, according to the American Pet Products Association, and the number is expected to rise to $ 15.2 billion this year. Thus, with the rising cost of vet bills, the right insurance policy can turn a $ 1,000 vet visit into something more manageable.

So, in honor of the Red Cross’s Pet First Aid Awareness Month, we spoke to industry experts about the costs of treating your pets. Read on for information about which questions you should ask, what red flags to look for, and who should sign up for pet insurance in the first place.

Who Needs a Policy: Dogs Are More Likely to Get Injured

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