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Dear readers: I received an e-mail concerning my column on pet insurance that I want to share with you. I really hope that everyone reading this column will check out the links mentioned because they will not only help you make the decision to get insurance on your pet, they will also help you determine the insurance that will be best for you:

Dear Dr. Johns: I read your excellent response to Travis about his dog Spike who is receiving treatment for his cancer at Auburn concerning pet health insurance. Your response was really for the other readers of the article making them aware of potential costs of their pet’s healthcare. You were wise to not recommend a specific company and I also recommend Mike Hemstreet’s excellent website petinsurancereview.com.

I just wanted to make you aware of my blog on pet insurance at http://petinsuranceguideus.com. I’ve written a book on pet insurance with the goal of helping pet owners deci…………… continues on The Northwest Florida Daily News
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