8 types of insurance you don’t need
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Imagine you’ve flown into town to attend a friend’s wedding. You’re driving down the highway in a rental car, with your dog by your side, chatting (hands-free, of course) on your cellphone.

Insure all that and it’s possible that you and your friend have wasted hundreds of dollars.

Do you buy travel insurance? Rental car insurance? Pet insurance? Cellphone insurance? And did your friend buy wedding insurance? Life has risks, and paying to protect yourself makes sense — health insurance to meet big hospital bills, for example, or homeowners insurance to cover catastrophe. But in the video below, Stacy Johnson looks at five types of protection you probably shouldn’t buy, or only after careful consideration. Check it out, then read on for more.

Here’s more detail, plus a few other types of protection often not worth the money:

Identity theft insurance

Identity theft insurance doesn’t protect you from becoming a victim, or sometimes even replace money los…………… continues on MSN Money

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