6 Things You Must Know About Pet Insurance
News from Kiplinger Personal Finance:

Premiums aren’t cheap, but coverage can help defray the cost of big-ticket vet bills.

1. Pet health care is pricey.

Veterinary care accounted for $ 14 billion of the nearly $ 56 billion Americans spent last year on their pets. One reason: Vets are recommending many of the same advanced medical treatments available to humans. To cover the escalating cost, pet owners are turning to
insurance. Pet insurance works a lot like human health insurance when you go out of network: You may take your pet to any vet, but you pay directly, then submit your claim. Policies cover illness and accidents, and many insurers now offer wellness riders to cover routine care, such as checkups, vaccinations, and spaying and neutering.

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2. But he’s your best friend.

Pet insurance probably isn’t a good deal if all your pet needs is routine care. What a policy buys you is peace of mind in case your pet has a serious illness or accident. And if you buy a policy when your pet is young, you minimize the chances of an illness being deemed a preexisting condition that won’t be covered. Older pets, especially those 7 to 10 years old…………… continues on Kiplinger Personal Finance

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