5 Ways to Save on Pet Costs
News from Chicago Tribune:

How to cut costs without sacrificing the health of your beloved companion

Friends of the furry or scaly variety hold an important place in many households, offering amusement, companionship, and even health benefits, according to some studies. On top of chewing through your favorite slippers, though, house pets can leave a hole in your wallet. The American Pet Products Association estimates that in 2012, Americans will spend more than $ 52 billion on their pets, including an estimated $ 20 billion on food and $ 13 billion on veterinary care.

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Just ask Roxanne Hawn, a journalist and blogger outside of Denver, whose border collie, Lilly, wracked up $ 8,000 in veterinary bills after suffering an adverse reaction to a vaccine. “That was by far our biggest veterinary bill,” she says. Hawn’s pet insurance coverage maxes out at $ 3,000 per pet’s life, so the family is cutting back on spending in other areas to make up the difference.

Still, Hawn says the incident is unusual and has found other ways to keep dog ownership affordable. For instance, worki…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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